Your Time is Now
Tues 14th Dec 2010, 9pm/8pm Thai-Jkt

The Journey at Home

Marion welcomes the live audience and the at home T.V audience for the long awaited biggest loser asia season two finale. She reminds everyone that after spending a few months at home, the finalists Genghis, Nai and Raj are going to be here wit...


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Viveganandam Deveraj
Genghis Khan Enrique

Atikom Laksanapanai
Christine lost 46.8kg

When her weight started to get in the way of her love of fashion and beauty, Christine White knew it was time to overhaul a lifetime of unhealthy eating. Luckily The Biggest Loser Asia team was on ...

Eggplant Curry

Spice up your night with this delicious vegetarian eggplant curry. Aromatic and filling at a very low 87 calories, this dish is a Biggest Loser Club gem. Plus, chilli is believed to speed up your m...


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Genghis Khan Enrique

Genghis Khan stands out wherever he goes, as his large frame and a big smile combined with his unusual name make him hard to forget! But underneath that happy exterior is his deep rooted insecurity ab...

Picharatch Phunthawornnawin

PEACHY WAS ELIMINATED IN EPISODE 4. CLICK HERE TO READ HER INTERVIEW WITH MSN. Loud, energetic, vivacious Peachy has a lot to say. She is determined to lose her excess weight to look “sexy&rdqu...